Where tech and know-how combine, to give your business the edge it deserves.

The world is getting smaller. People, more connected. Businesses, better linked. But finding solutions you can rely on is harder than ever.

Welcome to OW Logistics: boutique third-party logistics and boundless global services through big company experience. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with bases all across the continent, the secret to our success is a layered balance.


A unique flexibility in our approach, blending ‘wholesale’ origin distribution operations with a ‘retail’ front-end focused on solutions. That means our high-value boutique offerings end up at a fraction of the ordinary cost. It’s quality services, at competitive prices.

It all comes down to know-how, and our team has decades in the retail origin logistics and consumer goods sectors. Founded by Eric Seamon and David Wong, two experienced logistics executives with skillsets from opposite ends of the earth, OW’s ambition was built on evolution. On adopting local wants, adapting to an ever-changing world and reacting in kind to our client’s needs.

The result is a 3PL unlike any other – its eyes and ears on an extensive American and European customer base, its heart centered on air-, sea- & origin-based logistics, and its feet firmly on Asian soil.


Two sides of the same coin. Our founders offer that perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


Our partners

One to source the best, the other to hold and deliver. Our partners round-out our many services.

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Our locations

It all comes down to our people, a personal approach with the very best on-board. Come by one of our many offices and find out how we aim to please.

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