4th January 2019

Co-Founders Eric Seamon and David Wong explore the success of OW Logistics in the latest edition of Endeavour Magazine

Company News

From the humble origins of forming OW Logistics, to their focus on unprecedented customer experience, to more recent investments in the latest importing technologies, co-founders Eric Seamon and David Wong share why OWL is so much more than just another 3PL for the retail market in Asia and North America.

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An extract from the article…

Close friends Eric Seamon and David Wong, co-founders of OW Logistics, decided that after two decades of lessons, they were ready to take the risk of setting up their own company – one that they were happy to put their name to. However starting [a] company without private equity or unlimited funding, all OWL could do was ask staff to take a gamble on them if they liked their model.


“All of the people we hired took risks, because they were in good jobs and all we could promise them was a year’s salary with no guarantee that this was going to work.”


The gamble that OWL’s original staff took paid off, and seven years later, that same original staff and management is intact.

[The] experience of OWL’s leadership and its key staff allows the company to offer its customers something that not every logistic provider can – that is, an understanding of their side of the fence.


“When we use that tagline, ‘We speak fluent Customer’, we mean that we literally have been the customer.”


This genuine insight into customers’ experiences allows OWL to address their needs in a way other logistics companies may not.

Instead of focusing on logistics-based acronyms and concerns that an importer doesn’t understand, and vice versa, OWL is able to pair their clients with staff members who have sometimes worked in an industry longer than the customer themselves, resulting in a better, more relevant solution-based service…

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