19th September 2019

OWL is continuing its global expansion with four new locations.

Company News

We’re e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g … into Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar! Offices will open in September.

Our Asia expansion into this key sourcing region is in-line with our long term strategic investment in technology and geographies. These additions will allow our customers in North America, the UK and Europe to gain exclusive access to our latest tech investments, value-added origin services, and the world-class customer service they have come to expect from the other OWL offices and facilities across Asia.

As part of our expansion in the subcontinent, we will soon be announcing the opening of OWL in Sri Lanka. Watch this space…

Why is this expansion important?

First and foremost, OWL needs to be where our customers’ sourcing challenges and opportunities are driving them.

The strategic location of these offices therefore offers our customers the local insight, expertise and presence as they begin to diversify their sourcing from China into Central, North Asia, South East Asia and the subcontinent.

Who is heading up the team?

The teams will be a mix of local Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Laotian and Burmese nationals along with our regional OWL Chinese and American management.

Look for more announcements on the specific teams in the coming weeks…

What does this mean for our OWL Customers?

As our customers look to “re-source” certain categories to countries outside of China, they can be confident that they will continue to reap the benefits of the dedicated team of management and operations professionals with international expertise provided by OWL.

Our Asia sourcing division – 28One – has also committed themselves to expanding their sourcing reach to the Indochina region. So not only do we have logistics expertise on the ground in the region, but sourcing expertise and QI Services as well.

Just as important, our Import Management System – Mercado – allows customers to view their entire import supply chain on one shared global platform. So now, whether you’re buying from Shenzhen, Suzhou, Sihanoukville or Saigon, our staff and system work with your suppliers and provide “one version of the truth” relative to your import orders and shipping status.

So here’s the deal…

Simply put, you’ll get access to our one-stop-shop, new-age technology, with boutique, retail-focused, kid glove service.

Further, our patent pending “Gain Share” and “No Roll” programs are being expanded and will be available in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. These two programs have proven to be extremely popular and beneficial to our present China-North American customers.

To find out more about our latest network expansion, our investment in and use of the Mercado Import Management System, and/or our Gain Share & Programs, please get in touch with me directly at: