18th April 2018

SEND ONE GIVE ONE Campaign: $50,000 raised for SriLankan orphanage

Company News

Last year saw the launch of OW Logistics’ “Wear in the World?” campaign; a programme designed to raise $50,000 for the reconstruction of critical infrastructure systems at the Gangodawila Orphanage in Sri Lanka, and to contribute to the Make A Wish fund for the children that live there.

An incredible response

Thanks to the support of senior logistics executives from around the world, it’s been an incredible journey so far. We would like to say a huge thank you to those sending in selfies to us from around the world. From climbing the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, to the Major League baseball stadiums in North America, we’ve seen a great collection of inspiring, funny and epic travel adventures.

Achieving our goal

We are pleased to announce we have reached our initial goal – a huge achievement. We look forward to continuing on this amazing journey into 2018 and beyond. We trust and hope is that we will continue to add value to the lives of those around the globe through our passion for helping those who are the most vulnerable in the world. By continuing to work with our existing clients and future customers, we intend to further expand the “Pay It Forward” foundation, where small acts of kindness can inspire others to make a difference.