OW Logistic invests in Mercado Labs: the leading, affordable Import Management System (IMS)

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OW Logistic invests in Mercado Labs: the leading, affordable Import Management System (IMS) for the SME market

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Eric Seamon
We’re excited to announce OW Logistic’s investment in Mercado Labs. Set up by importers, for importers, Mercado Labs is a leading digital import company who specialize in developing SaaS based products to improve efficiencies across the supply chain for importers around the globe.
Discover more about what Mercado does here

What is Mercado?
Mercado is the latest product fresh out of Mercado Labs, designed to digitally connect buyers, sellers and providers via a SaaS Important Management System (IMS). It does for importing what QuickBooks has done for accounting, Uber for catching a cab, and AirBnB for grabbing that much needed vacation.

What will Mercado do for me?
Still managing your supply chain with spreadsheets and email? Mercado helps retailers to improve their transparency, collaboration, visibility, and process efficiency to increase sales and reduce costs across the end-to-end supply chain.

What do I do now?
Want to find out how your business can benefit from OWL’s investment in Mercado and other leading technologies?

Get in touch with with us here and discover how OWL could be the right solution for your business this season.

Already an OWL customer? Contact your OWL representative to find out more.
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