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Partnerships that complement our customer focus.

A technology-driven 3pl that speaks fluent customer.

Partnerships that complement our customer focus.

Our Partners

We work with some of the best businesses in the importing world.
Each of our strategic partnerships complements our end-to-end capabilities, through on-the-ground asset management and sourcing expertise.
28 One
Sourcing Partner
28one is our sourcing partner. 28one is an innovative, consumer goods sourcing and development consultancy.
Customer focused, they offer a broad range of services that can be carefully tailored to create a bespoke offer based upon a client’s specific needs. The management team is primarily retail and brand professionals, who understand the consumer, think like the customer and are focused on delivering tangible bottom line benefits. They have extensive geographical coverage across Asia that provides access to incredibly competitive product capability and the confidence that comes with boots on the ground management.
Fastic Group
Depot and Container Freight Station (CFS) Partner
Fastic Group is our Depot and Container Freight Station Partner.
As both a carrier booking agent and on-the-ground container & warehouse operator,  Fastic’s facility management expertise, as well as its China infrastructure & relationships ensure our products are in controlled hands. With facilities spread over nine countrywide locations, and expertise ranging from managing large cross-dock operations and container depots, to carrier booking agencies, Fastic’s China Asset Control is unparalleled.
Mercado Labs
Technology Partner
Mercado Labs is our technology partner who help out customers to shine bright lights in the dark corners of the supply chain.
Built by importers for importers, Mercado enables complete control over purchasing, production, and shipping. Through managing purchase orders via the Mercado platform, suppliers and providers gain greater visibility, transparency, automation, and predictability across their international orders.

Significantly reducing their workload, mitigating risk, and eliminating pain from source to store.

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