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A technology-driven 3PL that speaks fluent customer

Headquartered in Hong Kong, our door-to-door logistics solutions are tailor-made for global businesses.
By sea or by air, and with a million square feet of consolidation and distribution space, we offer boutique third-party logistics with big company experience. Our expansive global services allow us to hone in on the very best that 3PL’s can offer, while providing you with the kind of personal service you deserve.

Here at OWL, we have created an internal environment that places an unwavering belief and emphasis on the value of customer satisfaction. We reinforce this culture daily. The only thing that can allow us to carry on doing this, is the customer. Simple as that.

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Ocean Freight

Container freight that’s focused on more than cost-cutting. Our multi-carrier contacts, loading performance, and mix of fixed-floating pricing ensure your products always arrive on time, and in the most economical fashion.

Origin Management Services & Tech

End-to-end solutions, to the item-level. It all comes down to communication, and we keep track every step of the way.

Air Freight

Insider insights and strong carrier relationships. We blend the best of both, to ensure the quickest solution is far from expensive.

Stakeholder Support Center

We're continually investing in the latest technologies to help our customers focus on the things that matter most.

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A little note from the OWL team...

We don't want to be "just another business". That's why we do things a little differently. We know data security is of paramount importance, so we place high standards on ensuring it is safely and respectfully secured. We are committed to following and continuously evolving best practices to support this principle. Your data is yours, and we guard it closely. We do not sell any of your information, and we will always be fully transparent on how we collect and use your data. That's a promise.
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