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OW Logistics' technology investments help our customers win in a competitive market.
Welcome to OW Logistics: boutique third-party logistics and boundless global services through big company experience. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with bases all across the continent, the secret to our success is a layered balance.
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A technology-driven 3PL that speaks fluent customer

The world has seen a rapid increase in the exchange of knowledge, trade and capital over the past decade, driven by the globalization and technological innovation.
Here at OWL, we have used this change for good, recognizing the need to harness the power of digital tools and technologies to enable businesses of today to compete effectively.

That’s why we not only classify ourselves as a technology-driven supply chain solutions provider, but have also invested in – and sit on the board of – several technology companies in order to do so. Helping to steer them towards creating best-in-class technology for our customers and operations.
OWLogistics | OWLVision
OWLogistics | OWLVision
The most intelligent freight tracking technology in the market.
Get real-time insights on your shipping containers based on data you can trust for complete ocean visibility.
Plan today, win tomorrow.
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Streamline your supply chain with proactive origin management services

Businesses today must navigate the complexities of a hyper-dynamic market, with bottle-necks and disruption continuing to plague international supply chains around the world.
OWLVision was designed to create a proactive and robust approach to origin management, helping buyers and logistics operations teams to achieve greater control of processes and improve the cost and flow of goods across their supply chain
Our customers get exclusive access to a suite of services including:
Purchase order management
Supplier management and communication
Freight and information consolidation
Routing and booking management
Factory and product quality audits
Destination Management Services

Get the OWL advantage

Immediate transportation cost reductions
Cutting-edge technology & real-time insights
Implementation manager & on-going origin customer support
Supplier training and education programs
Supplier, Carrier, and OWL performance reporting
OMS savings and benefits reporting
Exception management and reporting
Factory and quality control audits
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Effortlessly manage your supply chain with OWLVision

Looking for a technology-driven 3PL that speaks fluent customer?
OWLVision creates a leaner, more nimble supply chain, delivering flexibility and routing options to ensure your product arrives where and when needed, and at the lowest cost possible.
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We don't want to be "just another business". That's why we do things a little differently. We know data security is of paramount importance, so we place high standards on ensuring it is safely and respectfully secured. We are committed to following and continuously evolving best practices to support this principle. Your data is yours, and we guard it closely. We do not sell any of your information, and we will always be fully transparent on how we collect and use your data. That's a promise.
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