A technology-driven 3PL that speaks fluent customer.

The world is getting smaller. People, more connected. Businesses, better linked. But finding solutions you can rely on is harder than ever.
Welcome to OW Logistics: A boutique tech driven Origin Management and international transportation service provider with big company experience. Headquartered in Singapore, and with bases all across the continent, the secret to our success is a layered balance.

Our approach

A unique flexibility in our approach, blending ‘wholesale’ origin distribution operations with a ‘retail’ front-end focused on solutions. That means our high-value boutique offerings end up at a fraction of the ordinary cost. It’s quality services, at competitive prices.

Not your father's forwarder

The Four Pillars of OWL


We are investors in technology companies for one reason: we want to sit on the board and steer the development of that technology to the needs of our customers. Technology in our industry has developed so much, is so affordable, and is everywhere.

For us, it’s about providing our customers with a better way to collaborate on orders with their suppliers, as well as enable them to track their shipments more effectively via our Origin Management Services (OMS).
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We open the door for our customers into the sometimes “murky” world of international logistics – especially to actual costs.

When the ocean freight market softens, OWL & the customer benefit together financially via a Gain Share Program.
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Our fixed annual rates are provided with $$ caps and month restrictions for PSS application. This allows our customers to budget accurately based on an Annual Rate plus a capped PSS that can be applied to specifically agreed months during the contract year — no matter what happens in the market.
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Our USA and Asia Management, Customer Care, and Customs Compliance teams come with China Sourcing and USA Import backgrounds. Our executives and team members have the experience to execute the processes we develop with and for you. We speak fluent customer.
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A little note from the OWL team...
We don't want to be "just another business". That's why we do things a little differently. We know data security is of paramount importance, so we place high standards on ensuring it is safely and respectfully secured. We are committed to following and continuously evolving best practices to support this principle. Your data is yours, and we guard it closely. We do not sell any of your information, and we will always be fully transparent on how we collect and use your data. That's a promise.
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