OWL announces another strategic office opening in Sri Lanka

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OWL announces another strategic office opening in Sri Lanka

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Eric Seamon
The OWL family is growing with a new office opening in Sri Lanka expected in early 2020.
OWL’s Asian division will be announcing the news shortly as part of our expansion in the subcontinent, with all OWL Apparel and Retail Customers in North America, UK and Europe getting exclusive access to our latest technology investment (Mercado Labs), first class consolidation, and the world-class customer service they have grown to expect from our other offices and facilities across Asia.

Why is this important?
The strategic location of the office will offer our customers insights into the region where they will be able to take advantage of our local expertise to source directly from Central, North Asia and the subcontinent.

The office will be instrumental in our efforts to benefit even further from our growing China-Sri Lanka trade, and to provide import infrastructure projects expertise in support of the local government.

Who is heading up the team?
The team will be a mix of local Sri Lankans, Americans and Chinese to cater specifically to our key clients within Sri Lanka and to aid in-country sourcing. Look out for future announcements on the team in the coming weeks.

What does this mean for you?
With a dedicated team of professionals to undertake the management and operations of our Columbo office and warehouse facility, our customers can be confident that they will be able to reap the benefits from our local knowledge, international expertise and expansive network in the region.

Why now?
Sri Lanka has long been on the list of expansion sites as part of our global expansion plans. In view of last April’s Easter Day bombings and resulting uncertainty in the business community of Sri Lanka, we feel it is important at this time for the country to see that an American/Chinese company has significant faith in the people of Sri Lanka and will not back down to the fear that can devastate a country’s business environment.

OWL CEO, Eric Seamon, and his Sri Lankan wife, Thushara Fernando, have made a home in Sri Lanka, and OWL and their family have made a significant pledge of support to the Gangodawilla Orphanage that is improving the living conditions of the young girls that live there.

You can read more about it here

To find out more about our latest move or if you fancy coming by our new offices, get in touch with us directly on our contact page here.
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